Monday, 13 April 2015

What's it all about? A brand new blog from a brand new blogger!!

Morning. hello and welcome to my blog:)

So what's this all about then..?  

Well I fell in love with recycled journal art books after finding Jennibellie Studio on Youtube (this is her blog and decided to try it out. 

This is my very first book made from a dishwasher table box

Some cut up scraps from my mums sewing room waste basket

Pieces out of wall paper sample book, painted cereal box and a book page rose

the inside is quite plain 

but all the pages are made from wallpaper, old cards and cereal boxes

The back side on

I am still trying and experimenting some two years on and having so much fun that I wanted to share some happy space with those of you who want to join in :)

 My posts will be about my crafty exploits, creations, and ideas.  I adore paper, books, up-cycling, re-purposing and experimenting. If I can reuse it I will, I get an idea and create it or I find something that is going to be discarded and hoard it till I find it's new purpose .. and I usually do at some point! The other thing is organisation - storage is a slight issue as the shed is kinda overflowing (from all my hoarding) and now the dinning room has been taken over as my craft studio ... oops.

Yes this really is the mess I work in, my storage may be organised but my crafting really isn't , it's all over the place, I flit from one thing to another and this is how I end up ... oooh for a room with a table for my bigshots, another for glueing and inking and a sewing station ..I'd be in heaven.

  I am totally new to all this stuff (blogging and blogs) and have no idea how to make this a pretty and inviting space like the other blogs I've seen but am hoping to learn so please bare with me and for those of you who choose to share some of your time with me Thank you and I hope you enjoy the ride. 

Speak again soon xx

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